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Over the past 20 years, the popularity of stone countertops has been on the rise. Granite, Soapstone, Marble and even Concrete countertops have risen to popularity levels only previously reserved for laminate.  Boasting the best qualities of granite and laminate, quartz has become a wildly popular new option in stone countertop material selection.

Quartz slabs are comprised of 93% pure quartz mined from the earth.  The remaining 7% is comprised of a  mixture of resins, binders and dyes that give the slab it’s color and hold the crushed quartz together.  Because it is formed in a vacuum sealed press, the quartz slabs are 100% non-porous.  Since quartz slabs are non-porous, they never require a sealer and will not stain or absorb any spilled liquids. Quartz countertops will not harbor or promote the growth of any fungus or bacteria.  Another benefit of being formed in a vacuum press is the absence of any voids or fissures in the stone. This eliminates any weak points resulting in an incredibly durable and resilient slab.  Because of it’s incredible resistance to scratching, breakage and heat, Klondike quartz is able to extend a lifetime limited warranty on it’s quartz slabs.


Product Comparisons

Klondike QuartzGraniteLaminateSolid Surface
Antibacterial, anti-mold, anti-mildew
Heat Resistant
Maintenance Free
Non-Porous, Non-absorbent
Resistant to household cleaners
Scratch Resistant
Stain Resistant
Strength & DurabilityHighMediumLowMedium
Lifetime Product Warranty

ANSI/ASTM Testing Results

TestResultTest StandardComments
Stain Resistance (1)PassASTM C1378Staining agents included waterproof ink, carbon lamp black, methylene blue solution, etc.
Stain Resistance (2)PassANSI Z124.616 hour exposure test to black crayon, shoe polish, blue washable ink, gentian violet solution, beet juice, grape juice, lipstick, hair dye, mercurochrome, wet tea bag.
Clean abilityPassANSI Z124.6Class A rating for clean ability
Resists Fungi and BacteriaPassASTM G21Rated for no trace of growth
Resists ChemicalsNo EffectASTM C65024 hour exposure test to solutions of acetic acid, ammonium chloride, citric acid, lactic acid, etc.
Chemical ResistancePassANSI Z124.616 hour exposure to solutions of lye, ammonia, pine oil, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, ethyl alcohol, citric acid, etc.
Abrasion ResistancePassASTM C1353Highly scratch resistant quartz minerals
Skillet Drop TestPassANSI Z124.6 4.2.1Multiple drops of 4.5lb cast iron skillet with no signs of cracks or fractures
Knife Drop TestPassANSI Z 124.6 4.2.2Multiple drops of steel knife, tip down from 24" with no signs of cracks or factures
Heated Pan TestPassANSI Z124.6 5.6Aluminum disk heated to 365*F placed on surface for 10 minutes, 3 cycles, allowed to cool. No signs of defects.
Cigarette Burn TestPassANSI Z124.6 5.42 minute exposure to 3 lit cigarettes. Areas wiped clean with cheesecloth to the original finish. No impairment.